Acting Fundamentals 2

with Lauren Letherer

6pm – 9pm Mountain Standard Time
September 19th – October 24th
$350 before tax

So you’ve finished Fundamentals 1. Now what?

We continue to explore scenes and different ways to approach them in Fundamentals 2.  Using the same technique, we will do 2 rounds of scenes in the 6 weeks. No outside rehearsing or memorization is needed.
Let’s face it, every actor has a sweet spot, something they are great at which will get them cast. I am not really interested in practicing what you already know. Let’s dig for the things you aren’t as comfortable with. We dive deeper into character, relationships, how to get to emotion when you aren’t feeling it and figuring out the moment before so you know how to jump into a scene.

My main outlook on acting is, it’s supposed to be fun. I maintain that in my teaching process. the attitude of play allows you to open up, risk and experiment.  I am so looking forward to taking part in another round with you all.

Class is Limited to 10 Students.

Lauren’s Bio:

Since 2016 I have been a mastery teacher at Anthony Meindl’s Actors Workshop in Los Angeles, while also being a student in his Tuesday master class since 2014.  I’ve made my living doing commercials and voice-overs to support my acting habit in the theatre. I spent over 13 years working as an assistant for the casting director Craig Colvin, and also co-taught his commercial technique class. I also taught for Carolyne Barry for 4 years. I was an associate producer and kid acting coach on the film “Durango Kids’ and I have a degree from the California Institute of the Arts. My credits include the films Die Hard 2, and To Leslie. TV credits: Rebel Roswell, Criminal Minds, Hawaii Five-O, and Days of Our Lives and over 40 commercials and voice-overs.

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Concerning COVID-19

 Sol Acting Studios is doing everything we can to protect our community, students and staff. To this extent, Sol Acting Studios will be following the Center of Disease-Control (CDC) with regard to social distancing practices and sanitation. We ask that our clients disclose their recent history and continue to implement masking and social distancing guidelines.   All students participating in in-person classes will be asked to sign a liability release waiver to ensure the safety of fellow students.
Classes will not exceed 12 students and distancing measures and mask wearing will be enforced.