Youth Commercial Acting

​with Joe Smith

​Virtual Class via Zoom
​October 9th – November 13th 
$325before tax


Joe Smith been working as a professional actor for nearly 30 years (not constantly – this includes eating and sleeping), having been especially prolific in commercials. You’ve seen him. He’s sold you stuff. And now you can learn to too!

This class will hone :

your creative approach (like making strong, memorable, interesting choices)
technical considerations (Where is my microphone and do I need to talk into it? Should I be looking right into camera?)
commercial considerations (am I supporting the brand? What’s does it mean if I have a “conflict?”)

It will also give you comprehensive, nuts-and-bolts, on-the-ground knowledge from a guy who’s been doing it for many years, and who currently teaches teens like yourselves commercial acting (via Zoom) at the Orange County School of the Arts in CA.
You will have plenty of opportunity to put your knowledge to the test with on-camera mock auditions, and by the end, with the skill set you’ll hone here, you will be in a MUCH better position to seek professionally acting work in commercials.

Teacher Bio

Joe Smith has been a professional working actor and writer for 25 years (not constantly – this includes sleeping and eating). He grew up in Worcester, MA where his parents founded and ran the Worcester Foothills Theatre Company. In Boston and now in Los Angeles, Joe has worked in theatre, film, TV, voice-over, commercials, storytelling/stand-up, live events, and in most other corners of show biz, plus one eulogy.
He created the public radio parody IPR : Irrational Public Radio. He is a member of the performers unions SAG/AFTRA and AEA. He has taught acting and been guest lecturer at Clark University and Orange County School of the Arts.
He plays blues harmonica, was on Wheel of Fortune, and once built a pretty decent shoe bench. He is married to a gorgeous and strange California girl named Amy. They grow fruit and have cats.