Acting 101 For Film & Television

with Ron Weisberg

Sundays, 2-5PM MST
Starting July 10th

$475 before tax

Welcome to Acting 101 for Film & Television!

Story quest Studio’s 101 class is everyone’s favorite intro to acting class and the perfect primer for entering the world of film and TV. Whether you are new to acting, transitioning from theater to on-camera work, or looking to break into the NM film/TV industry, this class gives you essential tools and information to jump start your acting career – and we mean LEAP! 

All classes provide powerful insight into the craft of acting using the Discovery Technique as well as personal guidance on how to navigate the acting business from New Mexico to LA.  It is truly the intro-to-acting class you have been searching for! 

One reason this is the best intro class (EVER) is we recently made a grand addition. We celebrate all of the great work done during the 8 weeks with a virtual zoom showcase in front of an industry professional!

Past guests include: Michael Druck (LA Casting Director), Carissa Mitchell (Mitchell & Associates Talent), Kathryn Brink (NM Casting Director) and Lily Bankston (Bankston Talent), as well as Brad Lemack (LA Talent Manager). This year we have been working with LA Casting Director, Michael Druck, and expect he will be our guest for the current sessions.

Get ready for total impact, as students leave this class falling in love with acting and blasting into the film and tv industry.

Concerning COVID-19

Story quest Studios is doing everything we can to protect our community, students and staff. To this extent, story quest Studios

will be following the Center of Disease-Control (CDC) with regard to social distancing practices and sanitation. We ask that

our clients disclose their recent history and continue to implement masking and social distancing guidelines.   All students

participating in in-person classes will be asked to sign a liability release waiver to ensure the safety of fellow students. 

Classes will not exceed 12 students and distancing measures and mask wearing will be enforced.