Great paid background gig

We would love more men especially but any adults willing to work locally in Santa Rosa, NM. The rate is $150 per day plus a $25 gas stipend and plus $25 […]


My name is Alex, and I am a recent UNM grad. I am currently working on a short, Dark Fairytale film called NEVERWONDER as a summer project, and we are […]

The Shakespeare Festival Needs YOU!

The Shakespeare Festival Needs YOU! The NM Shakespeare Festival 2023 is now booking Greenshow acts. If you are a performer or know someone who is – go to and sign […]

A (Beautiful) Binary Violation

Title: A (Beautiful) Binary Violation Logline: In a dystopian city where gender roles are law and even wearing ripped skinny jeans and a button up can get you fined, how […]

Casting call for a local indie short

Howdy! I’m a recent FDMA grad, and I wanted to pass along a casting call for an indie short I’m producing next month. We are looking for (SAG or non-SAG) […]

Kirtland Air Force Base Casting Call

I work for Kirtland Air Force Base Public Affairs. We have a variety of PSA videos scheduled to be filmed and published within the next couple of months. We are looking […]