Hi, my name is Ayomide Ojo, and I am making a film for my high school capstone project. This Project is very dear to my heart as it touches on issues many teenage girls go
through daily.

Project: I AM
Project type: Short Film
Director: Ayomide Ojo
Script writer: Ayomide Ojo

Shoot date: March 4th, 2022, March 5th, 2022.


Story Line

This short film follows the life of Jadesola, who battles to accept her body and believes she will get to that point if someone accepts her for who she is, but she realizes she must accept and love herself before she can let anyone else do that. (NOTE: We will be shooting excerpts from a longer script)

Roles Needed:


18-year-old black plus-size/mid-size female. Her confidence is a front and a shield for her. She loves art (painting in particular) and is a lead singer in the choir.

Jadesola fakes confidence in her peers but deep down she struggles to accept her body image. She finds it hard to believe that anyone could ever love her. She thinks she needs someone to love her and jumpstart the process of self- acceptance, but she won’t let herself be loved. She realizes the quest for self-love and self-acceptance has to start with her and no one else.


19-year-old tall Latino male, very quiet but outgoing individual. He splits his time between basketball and skating. He always presents himself well. He is a science fan, more specifically biology.

Mateo has always acknowledged Jadesola’s presence. He sees right through Jadesola’s fronts (that scares her). He sees the beauty in her, and it blows his mind that she doesn’t think she is worthy of love. He tries to help Jadesola see the beauty in herself through his love, though he fails.


17-year-old Native/Asian American. She is extremely extroverted and very opinionated. She gets Jadesola out of the house for parties and events. Pria takes every A.P Stem class that exists. She plays volleyball and is really good at it too.

Pria has been best friends with Jadesola since freshman year. Pria is proud of her heritage and expresses it through her style. Pria sees Jadesola as a very confident person as she has a big boost to her confidence. Pria looks up to Jadesola and confides in her but fails to see through Jadesola’s façade.




(2 people needed)

He/she has experience in photography and filming. He/she has knowledge of the different shots and angles in filming. He/she can bring his or her equipment which may include a camera (it will come in handy as we will need a second camera), and any other equipment they may have. There is also a Canon 60D available to use.

Sound Engineer

He/she has experience in sound production in Film. He/she would be advised to bring soudn recording equipment that provides the best sound for the project!

I know it is rather short notice, but I would really appreciate all volunteers' help. Thank you!
Contact information
Email: Ayomide.Ojo@menaulschool.net
Number: 346-494-9348