Hello, we are shooting a short film called “Sojourn” and are looking for actors. These are paid roles and housing will be provided for the Chama locations (2 days)

Shoot Dates: June 25th – 29th
Location: Albuquerque (2 days), Chama (2 days)
This is a non-union short film, Craft service/Meals will be provided

We are looking for the following roles:

–  Mr. Goldman
Age range: 40s, 50s
Ethnicity: Jewish

Mr. Goldman is a lumbering, heavyset man who dresses himself in the finest suits while adding flare via jewelry pieces seen from head to toe.
He leverages his money and power to do what he wants, whether it be to fund the football program at his son’s high school to get Ezra on a team or to add Alayna to his family.
He makes it all work thanks to his charming, charismatic, and assertive personality.

–  Billy Meyers
Age range: 12-15 years
Ethnicity: Caucasian

He’s a ball of energy always making grand gestures to pull the spotlight off his older sister, despite his admiration of her.
His mind is often wandering, and fingers fidgeting, as his parents limit his time playing video games.
He loves making others laugh and isn’t deterred if his attempts fail.

If you are interested and available or have any questions regarding the filming dates please email us at emfilmnm@gmail.com (505)303-8879

-Alayna Meyers
Age range: 17-22
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair color: Light Auburn / Red

Once a happy popular high school girl, a cheerleader, a straight A student with hopes and big dreams. Her high school boyfriend Ezra, swept her off her feet with his rich lifestyle and father’s money. In the present she is a recent graduate from college and on bad terms with her mother and a failing marriage to Ezra. She kept her emotions bottled up to please her family, now confused, depressed, she spirals down dealing with the loss of her father from Parkinson’s and the suicide of her controlling father-in-law Mr. Goldman. She escapes to a cabin to cope with her losses and to figure out who she is now without the money and the father figures in her life.



*Please include the role you would like to audition for and a headshot or two. Also if you have any reels you would like us to check out prior to audition.

We will be coordinating auditions via email/zoom video call

Thank you, hope to hear from you soon

Erik Molina | UPM for “Sojourn” | emfilmnm@gmail.com | (505)303-8879