The Film is called: Unexpected friend

The casting location: Diamond Elite Luxury Home (apt.41)

Production company: UNM

Logline: A guy house sitting for a couple of friends, not knowing what’s going on finds out something about the house.

Project Description: The genre is a horror comedy. Also I’m not trying to make it to serious but also a little emotional. 

Shoot Dates: March 5. 2023. April 1, 2023 (8pm-12pm). April 2, 2023 (5pm-?). 

Rehearsal dates: none, will send the script for who is interested! 🙂

Compensation: If you need me to pick you up, I’m willing to pick you up and drop you off Friday-Sunday. Meals depending on how long we work I will provide food/snacks through the shooting dates. 

Character Descriptions: This is the unique part. I need a guy in his early, mid, late 20’s; early 30’s might work as well. This guy character is like a upcoming vlog youtuber, that’s quirky but also loves what he does; which is ghost hunting or catching ghost. Also a very caring guy that connects with living and non-living people. 

In the end I want to have fun with this film, everything about this film and me are pretty much a go with the flow vibe. If you have any questions at all an or interested in acting in this film, please contact me!



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