5 minute films

Shorts will each only have one day of shooting and there is no pay, but actors will be fed.

If you would like to submit, please fill out the attached form and upload a self-tape via the attached link.


Clarendon, Texas (filming between 11/11 and 11/13)

SHERIFF 50’s-60’s Male, any ethnicity

LAUREN 20’s-30’s Female, any ethnicity

(There is no dialogue so tape will include specific actions)

Thumbs Up (filming between 11/11 and 11/13)

FLOPPY HAT – 40s-70’s, any gender or ethnicity. A calm, gentle smile. Bald a plus

(there is no dialogue so tape will include specific actions)

El Vestido de Vale (Filming between 11/18 and 11/20)

Valentina- 14/15 year old brown or black Latine femme, plus sized 16 and up.
Mama Elena- 40s fit Latine black, brown, or white femme.
Lexi– 14/15 year old person of color that is not Latine, short hair, boyish in nature.

Reece (Filming between 11/18 and 11/20)

Student 1 – 18+, any gender or ethnicity, appears high school age, “Jock”


Please tape with a neutral background.

Make sure you are well lit, that you are filming with your phone in the horizontal position and that we can hear you:)

Use a tri-pod or set your phone/laptop on something steady.

Please slate on a separate take/file: a wide shot of yourself. State your name, where you are located, and any scheduling conflicts you may have.

Please have a reader read all the lines that are not your character from off camera. (Make sure the reader isn’t louder than YOU) If you are reading for LAUREN or FLOPPY HAT the reader will not have lines but it will still be helpful to have someone cue you with action to respond to of course.

Please title your upload files as following: YourName_STORYTITLE_Role, ie: JaneDoe_THUMBS UP_FloppyHat

Please attach SLATE as a separate file titled: YourName_STORY TITLE_Slate

Please submit and upload files via the link below:



Sheriff _ Calerdon Texas

Floppy Hat _ Thumbs Up

Lexi _ El Vestido de Vale

Mama Elena _ El Vestido de Vale

Lauren _ Claredon Texas

Vale _ El Vestido de Vale

Student 1 _ Reece