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Free Class for Adult and Youth

with Ron Weisberg

“Welcome to Story Quest Studios’ community class on the last Friday of every month! We love our acting and film community so we are now offering you a free class, every month! Just answer our 10 questions and you have earned your spot, easy! We will learn powerful concepts in acting, improvisation, and new instructors will be coming through from time to time to show you new perspectives you would never discover anywhere else. Story Quest Studios is your home for collaboration, community, and creative fun. Join us on the last Friday of every month in 2023! Just answer the questionnaire to RSVP.”

Starting Soon for Adults

Our current slate of online and in-studio classes was developed to provide comprehensive and safe training.

Screenwriting with Liz

with Elizabeth Reader Neabauer

Art of Audiobooks

​with Liz Reeder Neubauer

Acting 301 For Film and TV

with Ron Weisberg

6 Month Acting Intensive

​with Ron Weisberg

Starting Soon for Youth

Our current slate of online and in-studio classes was developed to provide comprehensive and safe training.

Make-A-Movie Camp-Youth

with Ron Weisberg

Make-A-Movie Camp-Teen

With Ron Weisberg



Meet the Team

Join the discovery

Free Career Consults!

Want to break into the film/TV biz or jump to the next level?

​Our consultation outlines what steps to take as an actor in the film/television industry.  Learn who’s who, how to build a resume, get representation and start auditioning.  Whether you are new to acting or a seasoned pro, this free consultation is a great opportunity to sit down with people who can help guide you to success as an actor. 


FREE ONGOING IMPROV CLASSES for current students that have taken a class within the last year.​
All enrolled students, or students enrolled within the year, now get free ONGOING IMPROV CLASSES! On the last Friday of every month, 4:30-6 for youth and 6-8 for adults, the studio will host students in an impactful ever evolving improv comedy class that focuses on the concept of discovery, lead by studio owner, Ron Weisberg, who has been acting and doing improv for over 20 years! Ron wrote an acting book over the pandemic and now teaches his form of acting and improvisation!

Free Audition Preps!

Don’t miss the unbeatable value of being an actor training at Story Quest studios.

Here, every client get’s on going auditions preps, FREE! We reward you for training, so keep taking classes and studio owner, Ron Weisberg, will prep your auditions using his innovative acting process, The Discovery Technique.

Why? Because Ron loves seeing his clients book speaking parts and seeing you revolutionize your storytelling abilities! Start booking the room. That’s right, every time you get an audition, reach out to SQ Studios and follow the prep instructions and you will be ready to go for your audition tapes or in person. Investing in yourself has never been better!






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