story quest short film shoot

Short Film Shoot

Fully Produced Acting Reel Footage

Half Day & Full Day

Fully Customized

Flexible Scheduling​​​​​​

*A Half day shoot will be 4 hours, no more than 3 pages for $850, $300 / hour after 4 hr.
*A full day shoot will be $1500 for 8hrs and $300 / hour after that.

***Editing will be $300 per movie minute, usually 1 minute per page. Includes cutting, music, sound design and mastering, color correction and the entire process.

Half Day Short Film Shoot

$850 before tax

Full Day Short Film Shoot

$1,500 before tax

Commercial Shoot

$5,000 before tax

A “Commercial” Shoot is one needing more hi tech fun gear to get tricky shots, and is designed to sell your products. For $5000 we fully produce your commercial, including consulting, pre-production, scripting, casting, shooting, and all post production including music and sound mastering.

Work with Story Quest Studios to develop and professional acting create scenes!

Get original copy, performance coaching, professional crew and equipment, editing, everything!  A fully produced reel ready

to be sent out for auditions.