Casting Call for the independent film that revolves around a small group of surviving campers who are on the run from a supernatural figure who pursues the group back into town with an unbelievable and terrifying ability. A horror/supernatural take on the UNKNOWN.


Here is some information to note about HURT. This will be an unpaid, 4-5 day shoot. It will take place in an exterior setting and will be mainly set out in forest locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Note: All main cast will need to look the part as if they are still in their early and maybe mid 20’s. So we ask that all cast have no facial hair and bring their clothes that will fit with the film’s setting. Hiking boots, camping bags, and any clothing that would be appropriate to wear outdoors. (Please bring your own if you have any, if not, please let us know beforehand) and we are thinking about shooting this film sometime around June, so make sure to bring some variety of clothing since the weather may change.


There will be an actor meetup and script review day a week before filming, we will have both time and locations sent out to anyone who is booked.


If you’re still interested and available in being involved, please submit a video audition to both emails and


The role(s) I specifically chose for you will be attached to this email.


I look forward to seeing your audition and hopefully working with you soon 🙂


All submissions will be reviewed by the end of this upcoming Friday! Thank you



Emilio Hernandez




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