GORILLA IN A MAN COSTUME!!!! is a classic tale of boy-meets-girl, girl-meets-government-created-gorilla, girl-marries-gorilla. Set in the plush 1950s with an unhealthy dose of toxic patriotism, Nazi science, and the divinely upheld gender roles we so dearly love, this film makes passionate, Hays-Code-compliant love to the psychoholic idiocy of the decade.


JANE DAMSEL, a blonde (18-24) who cries over everything and feels tricked by the apparent perfection of her boyfriend.

JOE HERO, (18-25) an army man who loves his country and doesn’t keep up with global politics because it’s “too complicated”. He is ultra-plain, ultra-boring, and not interesting at all. Because of his blandness, he gets along well with everyone. May also be duel-cast as the Gorilla.

DOC DOKTERR, (35-50) a scientist who “fled” Germany after the war and now works as a scientist and medical officer on the very base where Joe is stationed. Doc Dokterr often reminisces about the “good old days”, but appreciates that the United States gives him exactly the same freedom with its enlisted men as he is used to having.

THE GORILLA IN A MAN COSTUME, (18-27) a former soldier and test subject of Doc Dokterr, now more ape than man, more animal than civilized person. The truest creature in the film. May also be duel-cast as Joe.

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