A feature film from Heartsphere Pictures

Principal photography (non-union) will be for three weeks in October in the Rio Rancho area. A true story told in non-linear
narrative, “ELEVATE HER” follows a high school Latina’s personal and school struggles, including dealing with her
mentor’s unexpected death on the day the graduation-required test results are received.
Please send the following to jasmineprecision@gmail.com:

1. Headshot
2. Resume
3. Demo Reel (if available)
JASMINE (LEAD Mexican – 18): A Latina struggling high school teen who desperately wants to be more than she is. BILINGUAL. 18 AND OLDER.
DR. CAROLINE WHITE (LEAD Caucasian – 50): The firm, yet caring, head of a small high school. ENGLISH and Spanish on demand.
JOHN WHITE (LEAD Caucasian – 50): Dr. White’s husband and school business manager. He is determined that Jasmine will pass the graduation-required math test. With Jasmine, he is a gentle giant. ENGLISH.
JASMINE’S MOM (Mexican – 40): She loves Jasmine, but with little formal education or proper life skills training, has no idea how to guide her daughter to success. SPANISH SPEAKING.
JASMINE’S DAD (Mexican – 45): A manual laborer, he works to feed his family and has no interest in formal education. Tequila is his beverage of choice. SPANISH SPEAKING.
NIEVES (Hispanic – 40): The school secretary. She cares about Jasmine’s well-being. ENGLISH
CAPRI (Caucasian – 30): Dr. White’s right-hand assistant. She cares about Jasmine’s well-being. ENGLISH
RAMON (Hispanic – 50): School janitor. Cares about the students. Does his work well. SPANISH SPEAKING.
FLOR (16) (Hispanic) Jasmine’s classmate/math tutor. Sourpuss type. CASTING 18 AND OLDER.
RUBY (16) (Hispanic) Jasmine’s classmate/math tutor. Friendly. CASTING 18 AND OLDER.
CLAUDIA (Hispanic — 20) Jasmine’s sister. Focused on her own life.
JUNIOR (Hispanic – 10): Jasmine’s typical younger brother.
EDGAR (Hispanic – 16): Jasmine’s classmate. Kids around with her. CASTING 18 AND OLDER.
VICTOR (Hispanic – 16): Jasmine’s classmate. CASTING 18 AND OLDER.
CLUBGOER (Any ethnicity – 20’s): A shady clubgoer
CLUBGOER 2 (Any ethnicity – 20s): A shady clubgoer
FLORENCE (Caucasian – 70): Jasmine’s pen pal.
MATH TEACHER (MALE) (White – 40): Caring math teacher.
ANDREW (African-American – 16) Jasmine’s very nice classmate.
CHRISTIAN (16) Jasmine’s classmate. CASTING 18 AND OLDER.
SYLVIA (16) Jasmine’s classmate. CASTING 18 AND OLDER.
PAOLA (16) Jasmine’s classmate. CASTING 18 AND OLDER.
SCHOOL STUDENTS (male and female, Hispanic or White – 18): Jasmine’s classmates. CASTING 18 AND OLDER TO PLAY YOUNGER.
Stipends will be negotiated with UPM and the Executive Producer prior to the first day of filming. Stipends are only applicable for
key/lead roles.
Roles are on a volunteer basis. Meals and craft services provided. Select footage for the actors’ demo reels will be
returned to the actor(s) upon distribution agreement. Actors will be required to sign contracts that entail a guarantee of their
likeness and usage in the movie.
If there will be any scheduling conflicts during the October photography schedule, please let us know during your audition.
Once you have submitted to this casting call, you will be provided with the appropriate sides for your audition. Your first
audition will be by video and will be submitted to the same email address above: jasmineprecision@gmail.com
Thank you for your time and consideration! We look forward to making a movie with you!