CALLING ABQ-BASED ACTORS!! 🎭 WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU AT OUR 11/4 TABLE READ!! 📖 Albuquerque Film & Media Incubator is hosting a table reading for the feature narrative, “Web of Thieves” by UNM Film and Digital Arts student Ryan Beane (who came in third at the AFMX Perfecting Your Pitch panel), on Saturday, November 4, 2023 – 10:30 am at AFMI, 4700 Lincoln Road NE, Albuquerque. We’re seeking actors to read the below roles. Actors who may fit these roles and are interested in volunteering to read and give character feedback may submit by contacting with your interest.

🎭 Monty (Male, White): introverted, computer wizard, shy, reserved, has a hard time standing up for himself

🎭 Julian (Male, Black): frat member who Monty has a relationship with, he doesn’t fit into his own frat, maintains a high masculinity to repress sexuality

🎭 Cruz (Male): effortlessly charismatic, president of the frat and golden child on campus, has a menacing side that slowly gets revealed as the story progresses

🎭 MULTIPLE ROLES ACTOR – One actor to read several small parts