Hello! My name is Carson Carnes and I’m looking for actors for my final Film class final short film! “The Bridge” is a compelling story of how two lifelong friends meet for the first time. I have a short 30 second monologue for each characters audition! If your interested, all the information you need is here! 


I hope to see your auditions!

The bridge is the story of two lifelong friends first meeting. David has had a hard childhood and High School experience and has found himself on a roof contemplating taking his own life. Greg is an early college student trying to better himself after the battle of losing his mother and fighting with his father. Greg has found his relationship with Jesus and credits his life on earth to God saving him from his own suicide attempt.

           The scene starts with Greg finishing a run at the garage he parked at that day, he then stumbles upon Greg standing on the ledge. Greg knows that how he handles this situation is important; often people “on the ledge”, so to speak, don’t want to hear cliches that they have heard before. Greg tries to simply talk to David out of his own experiences and his blunt humor.

If you are interested in playing either of these characters, please email


For the audition material!