Interested in acting in a student film?
Send an audition for The Devil’s Workshop, a contemporary dark fantasy film set in a world of goblins, gremlins, and grunge music!
Early to mid twenties. Any gender.
A burnt out slacker who isn’t ready for their life to get serious.
They don a cheap frog costume to play bass in their grunge band, Froggy And The Boys.
They have an electric passion for their music that they’ve been struggling to connect to recently.
Their internal struggle becomes a literal struggle to find an escape from The Devil’s Workshop.
Early to mid twenties. Any gender.
Alex’s friend and bandmate.
Driven and blunt. They love their friend but they are tired of Alex’s consistent flakiness.
Mid twenties to thirties. Male Presenting.
A werewolf frontman for a band in The Devil’s Workshop with a dynamic personality.
A charismatic presence. More than happy to spend his life loafing around.
Any age. Male Presenting.
An enigmatic stranger who travels from our world to The Devil’s Workshop at his own leisure.
Slightly whimsical with an untrustworthy nature. Not quite human. Uncanny valley.
Any age. Any gender.
A sentient pile of blankets and sheets that hangs out in The Devil’s Workshop getting stoned.
Reserved but friendly. Laidback but thoughtful.
The Devil’s Workshop is a student film shooting February 2nd-4th. While we can’t compensate our cast financially, they will be provided credit, free meals, and a copy of the film upon completion.
Sides can be found at
Please send any self tapes to by October 31st.
Thanks for your interest!

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