FEMALE LEAD (AGE 20-30) in a Feature Film Set to Shoot from Approximately November 14th – December 1st (Thanksgiving Off Day). Descriptions Below.


Author, literary type. Gets easily frustrated with laziness and stubbornness. Hardworking and determined, Jenna’s the backbone of the magazine and has grown slightly resentful of the other members. Craving notoriety and commercial success, Jenna wants to focus on her own work. Believes in the potential of FDC, but is adamant about not wanting to do all the grunt work and be the driving force behind its expansion.


Unreliable Artist/Illustrator who is into new-age spirituality. Believes FDC has the potential to bring meaning and change people’s lives. Brought on by Celebjay to advise the magazine’s branding, she’s a bit of an unhinged wildcard who strangely seems to know every next move Celebjay has in store for the magazine.

LOGLINE: In order to keep their indie magazine alive, the young staff behind “Forsythian Dweller’s Club” meet with a brand consultant, whose visions of potential take a dark and surreal turn. The group’s success evolves them from struggling artists to internet celebrities and even into full-blown cult leaders.

Please Submit Your Headshot/Resume/Relevant Links to be Considered.

Audition Material and A Time Slot Will be Provided!

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